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High temperature solenoid valve

As a leading High Temperature Solenoid Valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, we have developed a wide variety of different valves. High temperature solenoid valves are one of the efficient valves of our collection that are used in a several mechanical applications. We develop these valves with correctly designed parts to make it perform better in high-temperature operations. Our valves are accessible with both mounting alternatives and shifted end. Along with high performance, we offer various design for different sizes, body material, temperature, and weight. In our type of solenoid valve steam is utilized as a part of many modern industrial applications. It is used as a part of many processes like sterilizers, autoclaves and steam irons. It is also used in the cleaning process and in the steam shower, where the use of steam is necessary. They can effectively perform in the high-temperature range.

High temperature and normally closed (power to open) solenoid valve with SS body mainly used for high-temperature applications up to 200*C steam or up to 250* C for other media. It can handle fluids up to 50 centistokes viscosity. They are used in many applications of high temperature include hot oil, boilers and laundry equipment. Operating temperature of the solenoid may vary depending on the function and application for they used. We consider heat dissipation, thermal reduction and wire insulation at the timing of solenoid valve designing based on the needs of the application. We have successfully achieved designs that can operate the valve at maximum temperature. Features of solenoid valve can vary depending on the model including plunger guides, program controllers and heat resistant molded bobbins. You can make your selection from our wide range of solenoid valves, also available with an online order for global clients. They are suitable for medical, instrumentation, restaurants and for transportation. Made in India.


  • Consume less power

  • compact and light weight

  • Low noise

  • Special construction improves service life

  • coil insulation for high temperature applications

  • for use with a wide variety of fluids

  • Long life and high reliability