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High Pressure Solenoid Valve

We are one of the largest high-pressure solenoid valve manufacturer and supplier in India offering solenoid valve, control valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and many more. Our high-pressure solenoid valve is highly durable for an application that needs higher pressure control. Our quality brass body allows precise and fast machining, provides lower product cost as compared to another solenoid valve. Many industrial users appreciate the quality of high-pressure solenoid valve components. These valves are designed for single cylinders for holding pressure. Provide smooth decompression before returning to cylinder ram. For reducing pressure drop, a large flow of oil return allows rams to return with low external force. For single cylinder operation, the valve can be connected in series. It can be used in different industrial application such as packaging equipment or in automotive process.

Solenoid valve is one type of electromagnetic device; it is used to control the flow of gas or liquid. Solenoid valves are run by electrical current, that current is produced by a coil. The magnetic field is created with the energizing of the coil, causing inside coil plunger to move. The plunger either closes or opens the valve, as per the design of the valve. The solenoid valve comes to its original position when the electrical current is removed from the coil of the valve. The common solenoid valve has two ports, one for inlet and one for an outlet. Some advanced design may have three or more than three ports. There are several types of solenoid valves are available such as high-pressure solenoid valve, direct acting solenoid valve and pilot operated valves (Servo type valve). In a pilot operated the valve, pilot orifice is open and close by the plunger. Similarly, the valve seal opens and close by inlet line pressure, which is guided through the pilot orifice. Indirect acting solenoid valve, orifice directly open and closed by the plunger inside the valve. The modern type of solenoid valve offers a compact body, high durability, fast operation, and long life. Our wide range of valve offers many application solution needs and best to control the flow of high pressure liquid, gas, water and another type of flow. This valve is a good choice for the different type of pressures and becomes a popular choice for conditions that require controlling high-pressure flow in a hazardous location.

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