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Angle Type Control Valve

Angle Type Control Valve supplier

Asten controls is one of the leading Angle Type Control Valve supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Our control valves are made to control temperature, pressure, level or flow within a pipeline or vessel. This type of valves is most commonly used to control pressure, regulate flow and distributive control for polymers, high-pressure acid leaching process, slurry handling and heavy oil up gradation. Similarly, they are ideal for various operating conditions where high pressure, high flow rates, vibrations or temperature drops can be an issue.

Angle control valves are used as mixing and a distributive controller for many applications such as coal and distributive control, polymers, salt and brine, gasification or any high-pressure process of acid leaching. They are mainly used to control pressure and regulate flow. Our angle control valves are ideal equipment for any type of operating conditions which has issues of high pressure, vibration, temperature drops or high flow rates. Asten has developed any types of angle control valves for different applications. Each valve made for some specific characteristics tailored to control specific process elements.

We have designed some angle control valves for large size service applications for the higher limits of the pressure rating. These service applications are describing as corrosion, erosion, flashing and cavitations in many process industries. Our control valves are come with several important options such as metal sealing trim, heating jacket, temperature extensions, ceramic trim, cavitations prevention trim and soft sealing trim. In addition to these standard options, we specialized our valves as per exact process needs for specific service. We also offer pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuator to be assembled with our control valve to make it complete angle control valve construction. Along with actuators, our valves can also be equipped with different valve accessories such as limit switches and Positioner. Our these valves are made as per the modular assembly principle. They are used in many industries for various application such as polymer, refinery, petro chemical and power industries

Angle Type Control Valve